SUDZSustainable Urban Development Zone (Wisconsin)
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That the city government deemed the area as SUDZ was understandable, because the traffic in that part of the city, for instance, could be the one of the worst parts of the whole stretch of the C-5 system.
Anyway, when the residents complained to the MIIS that the property was covered by SUDZ, who should come to the rescue of MIIS but city hall itself.
"Pump 'N Sudz," created by Visionpoint President Fred McGrath, is set at a combination gas station/cable TV studio in fictional Murdo, Minn.
Last year the company introduced a line of organic products called SUDZ, which includes bar soaps, body washes and liquid soap foamers.
* Sudz, a personal care brand that targets the 20- to 30-year-old set, is releasing an organic line of bath products with natural scents.
Toronto helmer Sudz Sutherland--who made the quirky feature "Love, Sex and Eating the Bones"--is working on "Home Again," about boys from Jamaica who come to Canada, get in trouble with the law and are deported.
David "Sudz" Sutherland looks exhausted and keeps saying he's about to leave the party and go to bed.
A new line positioned to capitalize on the strength of the natural trend in bath is Sudz, an assortment of organic bath and body products recently introduced by Organic Sudz Co.
Bebe Michele, founded by Michele Varsano and launched in September of 2000, offers Baby Sudz Bath wash, a natural liquid cleanser derived from pure castile soap with lavender and chamomile.
Winner of the Toronto fest's City-TV award for best Canadian first feature, writer-director Sudz Sutherland's entertaining debut could be tighter and faster.
The Citytv Award for Best Canadian First Feature went to Sudz Sutherland for Love, Sex and Eating Bones.
Distributor of the crowd-pleasing, Oscar-nominated documentary, Jeffrey Blitz's Spellbound, Peter O'Brian's Hollywood North and Sudz Sutherland's Love, Sex and Eating the Bones (both of which will have their Canadian debut at TIFF), ThinkFilm will also release Norman Jewison's picture, The Statement, which is being co-produced by Sackman's new partner, Robert Lantos.