SUECSymantec Universal Event Collector
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SUEC SUE: There was two saw them driving along the prom from Eirias at lunch time X BRYCHAN RAYMANT: Saw one yesterday over my side early morning on way to work GWYN WILLIAMS: Nothing new, we've had these a number of times over the last few years...
When asked to comment as to whom bus driver/ crew or NTDC/ Sukkur Electric Supply Co (SUEC) engineers do they consider responsible' for the accident, no engineer blamed the driver or bus owner.
Selander, Synthesis and antihypertensive activity of some 3substituted-4H-1,2,4-triazoles, Acta Pharm Suec. 20 (1983) 419-432.
SueC added: "Definitely agree with parking spaces for disabled people, but this facility is abused by so many who have blue badges and just 'run' into the bank or 'run' to the shop!" cooperman was on a winner: "Easy!
If the recycling bins are filling up too too quickly they need to be bigger though DYLAN MCCARTER: You can always go to the recycling centre if you produce more rubbish than will fit in your bin but if you recycle (collected weekly) properly you should find that once every 4 weeks is good enough SUEC SUE: We are a family of 8 and we really struggle now this is going to be a nightmare, my recycling is always over flowing as are my bins and I always have extra bag that I can't got in my bin, with living in a seaside town I have seagulls ripping the bags open already so this is going to be disgusting leaving them for an extra week or two ALYS LOUISE MANN: Been on 3 weekly collections since October and can't really say that it has made any difference.