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The surgeons who had never been sued, in three minutes or so, allowed time for questions, and encouraged their patients to talk.
A man who threw a boomerang that came back and hit him on the head sued himself for causing bodily harm through negligence.
Trizec has also sued the designer for damages in a case that is still pending.
Asking these doctors why they haven't been sued inevitably leads to deeper questions: What communication techniques do they use?
"But right now I don't know of a single teacher or superintendent who has been sued that has had to pay out of their own pocket."
has been sued a number of times for employment discrimination and was hit with an $8.3 million verdict in 1999, a fact that Newsweek didn't mention in the story.
Lawyers for the companies being sued generally battle to keep the legal action in Latin America, where damages are lower and burden of proof favors the defendants.
The employer and trustees of an ERISA plan sued an accountant who helped prepare a proposal to fund benefits under the plan.
The knowledge requirement is usually taken care of by the plaintiff's helpful solicitor, who sends an ever-so-polite letter to the bookseller or news dealer advising him to remove the offending publication from his wares or he will have his pants sued off.
Although the local district attorney refused to prosecute, Hardwick sued to test the constitutionality of the law.
With over 40 million civil lawsuits filed annually, your chances of being sued next year are one in four, according to Arnold S.