SUEMSpin-Up and Eject Mechanism (European Space Agency)
SUEMServizio Urgenze Ed Emergenze Mediche (Italian medical emergency service)
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The story began back in December 2003, when the Beagle 2 probe was separated from spacecraft Mars Express Orbiter using a Spin-Up Eject Mechanism (SUEM) designed by the Ampthill engineers.
The Ampthill-designed SUEM was the last known thing to work on the mission and the Beagle 2 was presumed lost.
Professor Steve Burnage, chief engineer for the SUEM, said: "When Beagle 2 was discovered we were elated that the mission was far more of a success than we had grown to live with, yet frustrated that it was only a couple of malfunctioning panels that led to failure.
La incorporacion de solidos procedentes de suem constituye una clara violacion a la reglamentacion vigente nacional (DOE 2003) e internacional.
Es decir que 90% de las muestras estudiadas tenian suem de queseria.
Urban G, Perez N, Perez J, Fresan C, Gonzalez C, Vega S, Gutierrez R, Diaz G (2002) Deteccion de adulteracion con suem de queseria en leches fluidas mexicanas mediante electroforesis en gel de poliacrilamida (SDS-PAGE).
Following its seven month, 250 million mile journey to Mars, to certify the SUEM for space flight and subsequent ejection of the Beagle2 probe, it was subjected to a rigorous series of environmental trials to demonstrate adequate reliability and mission performance.
By freely suspending the ejected probe mass and bungee suspension system (in effect the moving parts) at the same height as the SUEM ejection face, the cable reaction force was recorded.
Professor Steve Burnage was invited to the event at the Royal Society, he being the chief engineer for the SUEM. He said: "It was a wonderful reunion, having met up with the rest of the UK team, experience a mixture of elation and closure that the mission was far more of a success than we had grown to live with, yet frustrating that for the failure of a couple of panels we would have had a successful mission."