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GUATEMALA Government sues nine tobacco companies, saying its public health system was overburdened by sick smokers from 1973 to 1997.
In fact, since the Queen is temporal head of the Church of England, sue the realm
It wasn't quite right for any kind of early mammal or advanced reptile," Sues says.
If the fluke chance of losing will scare middle-class litigants out of a good case and into a bad settlement, then it must do so when they get sued, and not only when they sue.
Since we began using SUE, we have been able to design around utilities and avoid utility hits during construction," says Cheryl Cathey, section chief of preliminary engineering at the Illinois DOT.
It also required the Foundation to wander into the legal thicket of issues related to the right to sue.
Sue and Sue (2003), who have been at the forefront of this discussion, have described commonly recognized multicultural competencies that fall in the following major domains: awareness, knowledge, and skills.
Given that Sue is still active in his career, this article serves as a celebratory review of his past contributions as well as a look into the future as he continues what he has called the "multicultural journey.
Block cites the case of an Alabama child whose mother was not able to sue after her son came home with black-and-blue marks from a teacher who used a paddle because the child was picking his nose.
Instead of limiting itself to targeting individual jurors through mass media advertising, the industry began to heavily lobby legislators to restrict citizens' ability to sue The movement pursued strict caps on damage awards, tougher standards for proving liability and caps on plaintiffs' attorney fees.