SUFCSheffield United Football Club
SUFCSouthend United Football Club (UK)
SUFCSydney University Football Club (Australia)
SUFCScunthorpe United Football Club (UK)
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On an exchange visit as part of the curriculum, TFA coaches will visit the SUFC academy to study the coaching pattern, strength and conditioning methods.
The coaching staff at the SUFC is far superior to the one we have at TFA and this tie- up will ensure that they share their knowledge with our staff as well as cadets.
Ian Cameron, vice- president, SUFC, believes the deal will help professionalise Indian football at the grassroot level.
Much of the evidence sent to Brundage by the SUFC was convincing.
143) What he had to be aware of was the personal interest of the SUFC (144) and certain individuals; one of those being Franca.
152) One of the articles sent to Mayer and Brundage by the SUFC was a clipping from Hoy, a communist newspaper published in Cuba.
The SUFC could scarcely hide their disappointment when news reached them of Moenck's performance.
For all the efforts of disgruntled exiled Cubans and the SUFC, Brundage was never bent towards banning Cuba from the Olympic Movement solely because they were communist.
128) The following information on the SUFC was taken from a pamphlet published by the said organization that outlined their position.
134) The SUFC sent Brundage a clipping from the Bohemia magazine that showed an interview with Guerra making comments about the second Spanish-American Games in Spain.
It is one of five examples of political rhetoric that the SUFC sent to Brundage; see Machado and Aguilar to Brundage, 22 January 1963, ABC, Box 124, Reel 68, ICOSA.
But there is an immense amount of goodwill and good practice going on in Stockton and with people as dedicated as the organisers of SUFC, parents are assured of some excellent champions.