SUFERSupport for University Fisheries Education and Research (Bangladesh; Department for International Development; human resources group)
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Contact person: "N13 EP09 AS Sufers Galerie Traversa Sd, Los 301 "
Invitation to tender: N13 ep09 as sufers - gallery traversa sd, construction management and other project related services
Invitation to tender:This project includes a section of the N13 national road from the Sufers connection to the southern portal of the Traversa Gallery at the San Bernardino Nordrampe, which is about 2.
Invitation to tender : The National Road section of the N13 between Thusis and Sufers will be redeveloped in the next few years in individual projects.
The project is located in the canton of GraubE-nden, Thusis Sufers (junction Zillis - junction Rofla).