SUFERSupport for University Fisheries Education and Research (Bangladesh; Department for International Development; human resources group)
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Most that sufer from trichotillomania have been shown to engage in both automatic and focused pulling (7).
Sufer would not disclose how many units were gobbled up at $19.99 each.
Depth to water level, elevation, and the coordinates of the hand-wells in the study area were measured and contoured in the map generated from these parameters, using a sufer 8 software program, thereby generating groundwater surface maps (Figure 15).
Determination of forms of sufer in coal, GB/T215-2003.--Beijing: Standard Press of China, 2003.
A digitalizacao dos pontos amostrais foi feita no software SUFER 8.0, o qual permitiu que se construisse uma base digital da imagem de satelite da area estudada.
Because of sin, this capacity for dialogue at both the personal and social level has been altered, and humanity has had to sufer, and will continue to suffer, the bitter experience of incomprehension and separation.
In the film, the boy mows down his mother with it, causing her to topple over the banister and sufer multiple injuries.
In fact, the study noted that "while many of the centers sufer from the problems of conflicting objectives of long-term research vs.
Scott MacRae of the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland found that daily lens users sufer corneal ulcers -- sores that can lead to infection and loss of sight -- at a rate of about 1 in 2,000 yearly and that 1 in 300 daily lens wears suffers other serious complications.
Also, compact disks can survive some manhandling, so they don't sufer from the clicks and hisses you hear on your scratched LPs and old, overused cassettes.