SUFOSpecjalistyczna Uzbrojona Formacja Ochronna (Polish: Specialized Protective Armed Formation)
SUFOSave Us from Ourselves
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Given this, a day with a high LMP and an inflated CBL we deem an "attractive free-money opportunity;" while a day with low LMP and an inflated CBL we call a "seemingly unattractive free-money opportunity" (SUFO).
Figure 2 shows an example of a SUFO, with the participant's usage over five days (days 1-5) shown, along with system LMP and the number of cooling degree days.
Thus, without real energy curtailment, participants bidding on SUFO days will earn free money from the RTO.
Taking advantage of a SUFO opportunity may require knowledge of CBL procedures and an ability to predict usage.
While in the above example SUFO depends on weather, a common condition shared by a group of participants, not all customers facing the same weather have the same SUFO.
"provision of personal and property protection services and physical protection of areas, Facilities and equipment for srk sa branch in czeladz central mine waste mining plant, By specialized armed protective formations (sufo) in 2019-2020" described in detail in annex 2 to the tor.
(s): The service of physical protection of persons and property carried out by specialized armed protective formations, Hereinafter referred to as sufo, In a 24-hour shifting system, Consisting in direct physical protection, Permanent supervision of signals sent, Collected and processed in electronic alarm systems and devices, In accordance with the extracts from "security plans .....
(s) the subject of the order is a 24-hour service for the protection of the area of equipment and persons and property carried out by sufo in military complexes of military units and military institutions in the area of six parts in labunie reforma, Zamosc, Hrubieszw, Chelm, Lublin, Glusiec, Zamosc.
Contract award notice: Ochrona osb i mienia w calodobowym systemie zmianowym realizowanym przez Specjalistyczne Uzbrojone Formacje Ochronne ( SUFO ) w Muzeum Narodowym w Gdansku.
Contract notice: Physical protection of persons and property, provided by SUFO in favor of military units.
Contract notice: Services for the physical protection of persons and property carried out for 16 of the Military Department of Economic in Drawsko Pomorskie by specialist armed security (SUFO) - a sign of the proceedings 1106/2016.
The contract is for the implementation for the benefit of the Purchaser, the 17th Military Division of Economic Koszalin - services of physical protection of persons and property by armed security Specialist (SUFO) in all day shifts, according to the provisions of the Act on the protection of persons and property (Dz.