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SUFiScottish University for Industry
SUFiScaling-Up for Impact (World Bank malaria control program)
SUFiSuper Field (UMTS)
SUFiSouthern United Fire Insurance (Mobile, AL)
SUFiStart-Up Farms International Inc. (Fremont, CA)
SUFiStatic Unique Feature Identifier
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Professor Dr Mansoor Vesserio from National Institute of Pakistan Studies (NIPS), Quaid e Azam University (QAU) highlighted the teachings and vision of Sufi Shah Inayat Shaeehd through his conclusive speech.
The Sufi doctrine of 'the unity of being,' moreover, has inclined Sufis to emphasize interiority and the oneness of humanity, often at the expense of militant Islam's insistence on the conformity of the external world of state and society to Shari'a.
Late Maulana Sufi Muhammad had formed TNSM in early nineties for the implementation of nifaz e shariat.
Jailing Sufi, of Ilford, judge Alexander Hutton QC said: "You grabbed PC Wilmot by the neck with force, he thought he was going to die."
A few poets, including Siraj Safi, Rahmat Wijdan, Amanullah Janoon and Wali Shah Wali, presented poetic tribute to the Sufi poet.
Kavita is popularly known as a playback singer in Hindi cinema, as well as a performer of Ghazals and Sufi music.
Sufi Javed Sahib was diagnosed with a brain tumour weeks ago after falling ill while on pilgrimage to Medina, Saudi Arabia.
Posting multiple videos and a picture of his visit to a Sufi shrine, Riz wrote, 'Many people think of Islam as austere and somber.
Despite the portrayal of the clashes as a Sufi plot, the Gonabadi leader, Tabandeh, has not been arrested.
With growing interaction between the power centers and Sufi families, the shrines became the power centers rather than the message
Eminent singers and musicians amused the jammed packed crowd with instrumental and classical performances besides the Sufi poetry in their melodious voices.
LAHORE -- A large audience lauded the spellbinding performance of renowned Sufi artists in a three-day 16th Sufi mystic music festival going on in Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qaddafi Stadium here.