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(28) Interview with Lidiia Evdakimova, Sugd District, Tajikistan, 4 August 2011.
Benefitting Zone : Khujand, Sugd region, Tajikistan
Built in 1957, the Qairokkum plant in the north of the country is the only generating facility for some 500,000 households in the Sugd region.
The first phase will rehabilitate cross-border road links between Osh and Batken regions in Kyrgyzstan and Sugd region in Tajikistan.
Khujand is the capital of the Sugd region and requires for enhancing its municipal infrastructure to improve wastewater management.
Khujand is the capital of the Sugd region in northern Tajikistan, an ancient city that is now home to 165,000 people.
The Qairokkum hydropower plant is strategically important as it is the sole power generation facility in Sugd, the second largest industrial region in the country.
Built in 1957, the plant is the only electricity generating facility in northern Tajikistan and supplies energy to over 500,000 homes in the Sugd region.
This was followed by the signing of the first EIB loan in Central Asia in June 2011 for financing the rehabilitation of electricity distribution networks in the Sugd region.