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SUGISAS User Group International
SUGISistema Universitario de Gestión Integral (Spanish: University System of Management)
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This is why we have teamed up with the fintech leader Sofitto: to let users secure and enjoy spending their cryptocurrencies daily using the innovative Sugi card with a simple tap, just like a good old regular debit card.
Johnston, Daniel Tran, Belinda Arroyo, Sugi Sorensen, Peter Tay, Butch Carruth, Adam Coffman, and Mike Wallace describes the deep space network (DSN) scheduling engine (DSE) component of a new scheduling system that provides core automation functionality for scheduling of NASA's deep space network, supporting scores of missions with hundreds of tracks every week.
Kobayashi K Takano R Takemae H Sugi T Ishiwa A Gong H et al.
Satoshi Sugi, the founder and CEO of Whill, said that his neighbor used a wheelchair, and didn't like being seen in public as weak or crippled, the Verge reported.
We saved these sentences onto a computer hard drive using the sound interface Sound Blaster Extigy (Creative Technology Ltd., Creative Resource, Singapore) and conducted a spectral analysis of those consonants using Sugi Speech Analyzer software (Animo Co., Yokohama, Japan).
2007); 22 known species in the complete checklist in Borneo (Holloway 2011); 1 new species (Kishida 2010) and 15 known species in Japan (Sugi 1982; Kishida 2011).
(8.) Matsuoka T, Sugi K, Matsuda E, Umemori Y, Okabe K, Hirasawa K, Azuma T.