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SUGIASprache Und Gesichte in Afrika (German)
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Sprache und Geschichte in Afrika (SUGIA) 14: 85-176.
Without, for the moment, more fully detailing this particular relationship, we will turn to a particular set of texts (what is called a sugia), that of squeezing pomegranates on Shabbat.
Though it is true that we turned to Rashi earlier (primarily for his commentary on the as yet unqualified braita), his explanation of our sugia in its entirety differs--and in significant ways--from the interpretation of Rashba which guided our original reading of the text.
One of the main problems with this portrait was to capture the artistic emotion present on Madame Sugia's face.
The sugiot method allows texturing the study, adding depth and nuance to it through the use of varying materials related to each sugia.