SUIASoftware Updates Installation Agent
SUIASummer Undergraduate Internship in Astrobiology (US NASA)
SUIASchool and University Internet Awards (Ireland; website design competition)
SUIAState Unemployment Insurance Agency (US DOL)
SUIASyracuse University International Applicants (Syracuse, NY)
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One ST28 strain (NSUI036, isolated in Thailand) possessed some of the cluster genes (in a single contig, Table 1) but lacked the first two genes, suiA (structural gene) and suiM, in full and suiT in part.
suiA: suicin precursor; suiE, suiF, suiG, and suiI: immunity proteins; suiK: sensor histidine kinase; suiM: synthetase involved in lantibiotic modification; suiR: response regulator; suiT: ABC transporter.
Incredibly, the state government offered to provide another massive tract of land--larger and in better condition than Suia Missu--to avoid the mass evictions.
Rio das Mortes or Suia Missu basin, west flowing unnamed cOrrego in Fazenda Ipu.i., just north of Agua Boa on the road Barra do Garca to Sao Felix do Araguaia, H.
They were collected in the Lago do Leo and COrrego do Gato, upper Suia Missu basin, 206 km north of the ferry on the Rio das Mortes (Alto Xavantina), some minutes north of the 13th parallel, around Divineia (ex-Cascalheira).
7 ex., largest 29.6 mm SL, Station 17, Rio das Mortes or Suia Missu basin, west flowing unnamed cOrrego in Fazenda Ipui, just north of Agua Boa on the road Barra do Gal-9a to Sao Felix do Araguaia, Bleher 19.12.2005 (with Characidium sp., Thaye-ria cf: boehlkei and Moenkhausia phaeonota, probably also Hyphessobrycon loweae, not preserved).
pues estoi seguro no le pesara de ver asta donde llega su autoridad, y quan contra razon, Justicia, y practica pretenden los inquisidores y su cabeza que es suia la autoridad, y que no deben dar cuenta a S.M.
y por decreto del 6 de Octubre del mismo ano mando al Consejo de Castilla hiziese despachar Ordenes de todas partes, para que esta impresion se recojiese, y no pasase alos Reynos de Indias, ni quedase en estos, anadiendo que aunqe hauia permitido que la Inqon tambien diese sus Ordenes, era menester diese el Consejo las suias, como mejor se puede ver del mismo decreto que dize asi:
Suia Taumalolo - known to his Ebbw Vale team-mates simply as "Josh" - will join Kuli Faletau as they become the first Tongans ever to appear in a Swalec Cup Final.
Tenders are invited for suia single gram piped water supply schemes in banka district
Ebbw's Tongan Suia Taumalolo has had a fantastic season, too, but after a wonderful semi-final where he scored three tries, is there still anything left in the tank?
Tenders are invited for design, build, operate and maintain and transfer of suia single village rural piped water supply scheme in banka district of bihar