SUIMSociedad Union Israelita Marplatense (Spanish; Argentinian Jewish society)
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suiA: suicin precursor; suiE, suiF, suiG, and suiI: immunity proteins; suiK: sensor histidine kinase; suiM: synthetase involved in lantibiotic modification; suiR: response regulator; suiT: ABC transporter.
O Conluain writes that "is leir go dtuigeann na heagraiochtai seo uilig go bhfeadfadh an scannan a bheith ina chuidiu mhor acu chun na nithe a bhfuil suim acu iontu a chur chun cinn" ("it's clear that each of these organizations understands that film would greatly help them in advancing their interests"; 1953:100-1, my translation).
Ach seo e, aig toiseach linn uir, ann am meadhan duthcha a tha ainmeil airson cho beag taic neo suim a tha i a' toirt do mhion-chananan, le seann chanan fhathast air a theanga.