SUIRGSatellite Users Interference Reduction Group
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Coleman lauded outgoing president Robert Ames, who was a founding member of SUIRG a decade ago, for his efforts.
David Hartshorn, secretary general of GVF, and chair of the SUIRG VSAT Carrier ID Group, said the members are working to pinpoint the role that VSAT terminals may be playing in satellite interference to better understand how Carrier ID would help solve the problem.
SUIRG is an international not-for-profit corporation with representation from both the private and public sectors, organised to combat the increasing and costly problem of satellite radio frequency interference (RFI).
Martin Coleman, director of Colem, is leading SUIRG's Video CID Group.
For the larger user, that is, those with multiplexed systems, there are still issues, and the SUIRG Video CID group is working closely to minimise any capital expense of implementing new CID capabilities.
The conference, the seventh annual meeting organised by SUIRG, attracted more than 60 participants from over 20 countries, with representatives from satellite operators from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
That is why SUIRG and other industry associations are actively advocating the use of embedded carrier identification, or "Carrier ID", for video, data and VSAT carriers.
This column highlights SUIRG's Data Modem Working Group, chaired by Roger Franklin, creator of RFI Sentry, and president and CEO of Crystal Computer Corporation.
Many interference signals have unique spectrum signatures; SUIRG has identified and catalogued two dozen types of the most common forms of interference.
Integral Systems has announced that its Integral Systems Service Solutions (IS3) business will provide a significant discount on its SATCOM Network Operations (NetOps) Services subscription to SUIRG members.
At last October's SUIRG annual conference, an RFI case study was presented, demonstrating this principle of sharing and collaborating.
The proposals outlined by these organisations validate and support the RFI work initiated by SUIRG.