SULCSouthern University Law Center (Baton Rouge, LA)
SULCSteelcase University Learning Center (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
SULCStaffordshire University Lichfield Centre (UK)
SULCState University Library Council (Florida)
SULCSmall Unit Leadership Course (US Marine Corps)
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Sulc cracked three of his five goals Jorge Luiz Pavan Lopez added to take their team 22-20 up in the frenzied closing.
varians en Mexico, actualizar su distribucion, plantas hospederas, presas y se aportan datos de su depredacion sobre el psilido del tomate, Bactericera cockerelli (Sulc) (Hemiptera: Triozidae).
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The three main locations, medial (MED) and lateral (LAT) femoral condyles and sulcus area (SULC), were scanned by continuous proximal-distal probe moving (sweeping).
As Sulc (1928) and later Liebenberg (1956) suggested that sensory pits probably are used as receptors for atmospheric humidity, the presence of sensory pits on abdominal sternites in the imago might be associated with a kind of adaptation to dry habitats.