SULDSpecial Use Land Designation (Alaska Department of Natural Resources)
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"I wasna in the way when ye cam' here, or I suld ha' made bauld to ask ye the question which I maun e'en ask noo.
And becaus nowthir Jie wencratioun of Religioun nor 3it be dredour of goddis myct synk nor be Imprentit ony ways in be hartis of his pepill but sum New Inuentioun of vncouth miracle or sic thingis (quhilkis war abone [le commoun and naturall operatioune of man) he fenjeit at he had familiare cumpany on be nycht with be goddess egeria, & by hir avyse he wald Institute certane divyne sacrifice quhilkw suld be maist acceptable to be goddis, and wald found and limete diuers preistis to beire sperciall charge and curis of bir sacrifices'.
Both apodoses are reminiscent of other politeness formulae employed in official letters, such as sen I will nocht molest your grace in reding my lang letter is and I am layth your grace suld be melestit with lang writin.
As one might expect of a book with this text and this date, the fragments show properly northern language, almost certainly (so far as the very attenuated sample shows) from Yorkshire: Old English a is retained (wham, na, maste [2x], bathe, halynes); y and thorn are indistinguishable; forms of the verb "shall" appear as sal (2x) and suld; "is" and "are" are represented by es (3x) and er.
In Finland, for example, there are multiple technological standards for some e-banking services that complicate the fast spread of these innovations (Suld 2002).
How about, instead, more than sixty essaylike stories-with titles like "'Not as I suld, I wrait, but as I couth': Robert Henryson, William Dunbar, Gavin Douglas, Stephen Hawes" and "'Arranging, deepening, enchanting': Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, John Ashbery, Amy Clampitt, Sharon Olds, Mark Doty"?
Another difficulty seems to be the concluding line of 46 ('Richt arely one Ask Wedinsday'), the refrain 'That lang Lentrin suld nocht mak thaim lene' (30).
and what for suld you begin to mak yoursell waur to save me, now that I am no worth saving?
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Right Column 260 [Pat mykil scha]me ye did and velany At none of ye day yu cred, hely And [3] hel did ye gast to yi fader all myghty yus yu died to make vs fre ffra ye gret thraldom yat in war we 265 Bot mykil payne and mykil reproue yu tholed befor ye ded for oure lufe And noght forto by vs agayne anely ffor whi yi ded mot suffice vs all forto by Bot for we suld yerby ensaumple take 270 to be pacient in angers for yi sake And for ye thole all hard es yat Als yu tholed for vs thurght yi gudnes Elles thurt ye haf tholed nane oyer payn Bot ye ded anely forto by vs agayn 275 ...
We suld have feiris as fresche to fang quhen vs likit And gif all larbaris thair leveis quhen thai lak curage.
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