SULEVSuper Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle
SULEVSuper Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
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Sulev KOKS Employment Professor in Pathophysiology, Lead Research Fellow of Physiological Genomics, Department of Pathophysiology, Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tartu, Estonia.
Director: Sulev Keedus Producer: F-Seitse/Frame Prods Awards: Critics Prize, Kinoshock
The strict SULEV standard has applied in the USA for six years now.
The engine operates on the Atkinson cycle, which provides thermal efficiency as compared to the conventional Otto-cycle engine, which generally has a higher exhaust gas temperature, and provides a clean burn, which contributes to the California SULEV emissions certification and Tier 2 Bin 3 in other states.
Additionally, with CO2 emissions of just 99 g/km, the Forte LPI Hybrid qualifies for billing as a Super Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV).
Powered by an LPI Gamma engine displacing 1.6 litres, a 15kW (105 Nm) electric motor and a continuously variable transmission (CVT), the Elantra LPI HEV emits just 99 g/km of CO2 and 90 per cent fewer emissions than an equivalent standard gasoline--powered Elantra to qualify as a super ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV).
Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory on a BMW Hydrogen 7 Mono-Fuel demonstration vehicle have found that the car's hydrogen-powered engine surpasses the super-ultra low-emission vehicle (SULEV) level, the most stringent emissions performance standard to date.
Nissan announced a complex catalyst concept that combines hydrocarbon and N[O.sub.x] traps for meeting the even more stringent Tier 2 Bin 2 and the California SULEV standards.
The $21,725 Prius accelerates as well as a late-model Toyota Camry, and wins certification as a Super-Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV).
Sulev, are highly appreciated for installation and maintenance of the solar photometer, and rendering the unique observation data.
Once fully tested, the demonstration phase will apply the PHEV technology to other test vehicles to ensure the emissions are maintained at super-ultra-low emission vehicle (SULEV) levels.
Lexus noted that the LS hybrid is also expected to carry a super ultra low emission vehicle (SULEV) rating.