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SULIScience Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (US Department of Energy undergraduate research program)
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The chart showed a mile of the Suli river where it emptied into the sea.
Alvaro no es solo un adolescente conflictuado, sino tambien un aprendiz de anfibio; Suli no es solo una madre "corregida", sino una madre deseante (de una hija pero aceptaria un hijo).
Segue uma conversa iniciada pela mae de Alvaro que afirma que, quando jovens, ela e Suli imaginavam ter varios filhos.
The buildings of the Museum of Macedonia and the Museum of Contemporary Art exemplify the Bazaar's modernist architecture, while the way the Bazaar developed over the centuries and its significance are showcased through the exhibits at the Old Bazaar Museum at Suli An.
Some of the elite members of the Otto-royal family were: Devlet Hatun, married to Yyldyrym Bayezid Han; Emine Hatun, daughter of Dulkadiroy-lu Mehmed Suli, married Mehmed Ecelebi Han; Alime Hatun married Murad II, Murad Han; GE-lbahar Sultan, daughter of Dulkadiroy-lu Bozkurt, married Bayezid II; and Saty Hatun married Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han.
e' wak ie mirka e tee ier pik wa, kakol jto sielsiee, e' a ak tso e bata tai, ywetker a ie e patker e deka usegra wa e kue e' eleka iyi ulitane ki ier woktatemi toto, sa eltepa ero eonos doctorpa diki, e a at sibo to kerwa meat, kasir a s-mike akula, suli a s-mike akula, olo a mike akula, ejke e wa sa ujtoke.
Tolo, Rah-i-Farda, Negah, Aina, Daawat, Afghan and Batoor Jawzjan Television channels, Nida, Dunya and Suli Paigham Radio channels, as well as Mandigar daily, are to pay the fines.
The 44-page article reviews the book, Sending Law to the Countryside: Research on China's Basic-Level Judicial System, written by Zhu Suli, Dean of the prestigious Beijing University Law School.
Artist, poet, writer and YouTube sensation Suli Breaks, from the UK, supports this campaign and shares his inspirational story in his YouTube video -
(17) The most prominent early promoter of neo-conservative legal thought was Professor Zhu Suli of Peking University, who called for a pragmatic, China-specific legal governance ideology.
Zheng et al., "Transcriptomic analysis of "Suli" pear (Pyrus pyrifolia white pear group) buds during the dormancy by RNA-Seq," BMC Genomics, vol.
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