SULONGSME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Unified Lending Opportunities for National Growth (Sulong, Philippines)
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Smart also teamed up with Sulong Tribu, an organization that mounted an urban gardening exhibit using recycled plastic bottles and old Smart tarpaulins.
"Even before the Duterte administration formally assumed office in 2016, Sulong was a demonstration of its willingness to listen," PCCI president Ma.
The doctor pictured - reportedly Sulong - was actually the country's deputy director-general of health, Jeyaindran Sinnadurai.
Since 1984, mining operation has ceased owing to falling tin price in the international market (Sulong et al.
Understanding the life of Muhammad Sulong allows, perhaps requires, an exploration of the impact of pilgrimages on individuals, and of the relationship between religious and national pilgrimages.
Again Abuza errs when discussing the Duson Nyior violence which occurred shortly after Haji Sulong's arrests.
A judge in the conservative northern state of Terengganu finally relented after being convinced that the new wife, 34-year-old Suzi Sulong, was truly in love with Mohamed Nor Awang, who is 16 years her senior.
Among the results were the Haji Sulong and Dosun Ynor rebellions.
Subs: Sulong, Jamil, Shaari, Marzuki Yusof, Rajan, Mustaffa, Adan.
Furthermore, at Parit Sulong, the Victoria Cross was awarded to the commander of the Australian 2/19th and 2/30th battalions following their defence of that position.
"Of course the government is trying to silence us," said editor Zulkifli Sulong, adding he will appeal the restrictions to the Home Ministry.
The sales and purchase agreement was signed Friday by Petronas President and Chief Executive Mohamed Hassan Marican and DRB-Hicom Chairman Mohamed Saleh Sulong.