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SULTSindacato Unitario Lavoratori Trasporti (Italy)
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He argued that if one slave re- fused to be corrected, and escaped with his life, the other slaves would soon copy the example; the re- sult of which would be, the freedom of the slaves, and the enslavement of the whites.
Wherever we halted where there was a crowd, he would give me a look which said plainly: "if that thing could be tried over again now, with this kind of folk, you would see a different re- sult." Well, when he was first sold, it secretly tickled me to see him go for seven dollars; but before he was done with his sweating and worrying I wished he had fetched a hundred.
If the man had not been somehow a sympathetic personality I would have resented it like an in- sult. As it was, I felt only sorry for him.
The strike is one of two one-day strikes expected to hit Italy between 6-7 September, with the second strike having been called by the Sult transportation federation for 6 September.
Alitalia[sup.1]s trade union SULT, which represents about one-third of Alitalia's flight attendants, yesterday called a 24-hr.
One or more members of a superfamily of cytosolic SULT enzymes catalyze these reactions (Blanchard et al.
"Getting a habit isn't an accident, or the re sult of the 'power of the drug'; it's what you were after."
The collection of 10 plans, designed by Raleigh-based architect Bert Sult, ranges in price from $153,900 to $249,900.
However, first Mr Brown has to con sult the European Commission and government chiefs.
His first publication, the novel Sult (1890; Hunger), about a starving young writer in Norway, was a great success.
His first novel, Sult (1890; translated as Hunger, 1899), met with considerable critical success and established him as an original and provocative writer.