SUMBSnickering under My Breath
SUMBSimca, Unic, Marmon, Bocquet (vehicle)
SUMBSyracuse University Marching Band (Syracuse, NY)
SUMBStop Using My Brain
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When ghumott players play in standing position, another cord of sumb of the desired thickness and strength is tied on either side below the openings, to enable the instrument to be hung around the left shoulder.
(46) Their most frequent prayer is contained in these words: Om mani pat mem ri, (47) words which they had never understood till the arrival of the Reverend Father Antonio Andrade, who made the first discovery of these new Lands, and who told them that they meant: Con io sumb dic Patrom ro, that is Lord God, forgive us our sins; (48) so that they say them now more heartily and more devoutly with this meaning.