SUMDScale to Assess Unawareness of Mental Disorder (psychology)
SUMDSingle Use Medical Devices
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62 SUMD (M [+ or -] SD) Unawareness of Mental Disorder Scale 8.
It would be useful to have interview transcripts or other detailed comparative accounts to get a fuller comparative picture of the MacCAT-T and SUMD assessment processes, but I could find none in the research literature.
256) Insight scales range from the seventy-four-item SUMD to the one-item Present State Exam (PSE).
Thus the SUMD fails to assess the patient's perceived need for treatment, while some other insight-measurement scales fail to assess awareness of treatment benefits, awareness of signs and symptoms of the relevant disorder, or attribution of signs and symptoms to having a particular disorder.
Market-level deposit data are available, however, from the SUMD data.
Constructed at the market level using branch level deposit data from the SUMD database, HERF provides a measure of concentration, and presumably the competitiveness, of the local banking market.