SUMMETSummer Minority Engineering Training (Colorado School of Mines)
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"The biggest problem is making sure we don't get false positives from, say, a large shiny earring," says Summet. "We need to make our system work well enough so it can find a dot, then test to see if it's reflective, then see if it's retroreflective, and then test to see if it's the right shape."
Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) in summet 2002, examined how far the Armed Forces could go in implementing Joint Vision 2020 and executing rapid decisive operations within this decade.
Bring to a boil, produce the heat and summet until the mixture reaches a syrup consistency about the minutes.
Both leaders told me in separate conversations in the summet of 1987 that they were determined not to do that, but in the end, each found the race irresistible.
Supplier of 'Double Treat' corn and 'Summet' melon.
In the poem "Hendelse barndomssommer" (Event: Childhood Summer) Mjelve recalls his childhood summet, a brief interlude with his father.
Chris Wellman-Shein, who graduated from college in California just a month before Detroit Summet began, traveled on a freight train to Detroit so that he could "be a part of this historic event." He plans to launch Oakland Summer in 1994.
Cities of the world are telegraphing a strong message to organizers of "Earth Summet," the United Nations' big Comference on the Environment and Development to be held next June in Rio de Janeiro.
If the strike heads toward summet; when the directors and actors could shut everything down--then that's a disaster.
The second half of the review, to be delivered this summet, deals with the legal structures and governance of the academy.
Workshops/Programs: Summet & Winter Intensives, Absolute Beginner Wksps, Teacher Wksps, International Student Visa Program (authorized by Fed.
Lennard has loved art since his California childhood with an engineer father and a mother who spent summets driving her children to Spanish missions and New Mexican towns, hunting for antiques for the shop she owned.