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SUMOSuperMoto (motorcycle racing style)
SUMOSmall Ubiquitin-Like Modifier (forum)
SUMOShut Up, Move On (Paul McGee book)
SUMOSupport Mozilla
SUMOSuggested Upper Merged Ontology
SUMOSoftware Update Monitor
SUMOMozilla Support (Firefox support)
SUMOSurgery and Molecular Oncology (Department of Dundee University)
SUMOSufficiently Uniform Memory Organization
SUMOSpacecraft for the Unmanned Modification of Orbits (US DARPA)
SUMOStanford University Mathematical Organization
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Sumo believes that CARI will utilize the grant appropriately, claiming that the institution will set-up sub stations in the other 14 counties in Liberia where many low-land and swamp that have been layout by NGOs will be used for rice production activities.
com/photocontest/ and a panel of Sumo Sushi & Bento employees for 'Sumo choice.
As part of Sumo Logic's security analytics solution, FactorChain's investigation platform will integrate completely into Sumo Logic's SaaS Machine Data Analytics Platform, providing step function improvements in speed, accuracy, and retained learning of threat investigation workflows across IT and security.
Paul Porter, managing director of Sumo Digital, said: "As we continue to expand, this was a great opportunity to bring an experienced, talented and tight-knit team on board.
She added: "I liked the challenge of living in an Asian country and I was interested in getting to know more about sumo and Japanese life and culture.
Yasunori encouraged Kenneth to enter the world of sumo as an alternative and took him to Arashio Beya.
t=1360570) NeoGAF was from Sumo Digital and it mentioned the games the studio was still working on.
Critique: Featuring in-depth demonstrations of 48 sumo kimarite (winning moves) with step-by-step instructions, enhanced with the inclusion of more than 300 photos; presenting case studies of famous rikishi (sumo wrestlers); and providing a discussion of sumo's development, rules, and training, as well as recent changes in sumo techniques, "Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts" is thoroughly martial arts student friendly in organization and presentation.
Head chef Puneet Katiyal, and Sumo Sushi & Bento's executive chefs Tako Rinthiasong and Glenn Sebastian Lacandalo, collaborated to create a special extended vegetarian menu to accommodate the personal beliefs and values of the family and owners of Naranjee Hirjee & Co.
Early portions of the book focus on the history, culture, and significance of sumo wrestling.
Nearly 35 million customer journeys were made on Virgin Trains last year - none of whom, as far as is known, were sumo wrestlers, teleporters or fliers.
Al Habtoor Motors (AHM), the exclusive GCC distributor of Sumo Firenza, has appointed Mohammed Omer Kabli Trading (MOK) as the first dealer for Saudi Arabia.