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SUMPSecure Unicast Messaging Protocol (computing)
SUMPSite Utilization and Management Plan (US Department of Energy)
SUMPSustainable Urban Management Plan (various locations)
SUMPSite Use Management Plan (Fort Ord, CA)
SUMPSoftware Usage Management Protocol
SUMPSoftware Update Modification Program
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A three-year-old boy died on Tuesday after allegedly falling into the sump tank.
Of course, the sump drain was still open, so as I refilled the tank, the leaking renewed itself.
Available off the shelf to suit most vehicle specifications, Blue Diamond says it can provide sump plugs in all thread sizes from M10 up to M38, as well as Imperial sizes.
Water or waterborne material that originates from within the dwelling and backs up through sewers or drains, or overflows or is discharged from a sump, sump pump, or related equipment is covered, even if the overflow or discharge is due to mechanical breakdown or power failure.
Sump pumps work by pumping out water that has accumulated in a pit, or “crock,” which prevents flooding in your basement.
Wide angle" tethered float switches, the kind that free-float around the sump basket, are the biggest troublemakers.
To provide coverage for this occurrence there is the Water Back-up and Sump Discharge or Overflow endorsement, HO 04 95.
The oil sump is an important breakthrough and it demonstrates that DSM is listening to its partners along the supply chain in its development of materials to address the performance and sustainability challenges that we all face.
This summer, Brant hired Stantec to investigate the number of homes with sump pumps discharging to the sanitary sewer.
They had the gruelling task of navigating eerie, water-filled abysses known as sumps and at one stage swam underwater in darkness for 600 metres in a 28-metre deep river.
We gathered three engines: a Continental IO-520, which was equipped only with an oil sump pad heater; a Lycoming IO-360, which has cylinder band heaters plus an oil sump heater; and a Lycoming 0-360, which has the Tanis heated cylinder probes and an oil sump heater.
The Eriez Hydroflow line of heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuum sump cleaner units clean virtually any machine tool sump, tank or pit quickly and thoroughly.