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SUNIScripture Union Northern Ireland
SUNISaturn User Network Interface
SUNISolidaritas Uni Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian political party)
SUNISouthern Universities Nuclear Institute (South Africa)
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Next time you drive through the forest, be on the lookout for the special suni antelope.
I was sent to be a marshal at the Arctic Enema, one of the obstacles at a Tough Mudder event, which are incredibly popular hardcore obstacle courses designed by the special forces," recalls Suni.
Proporcion de ECE segun distritos productores de papa en 2009 Numero de Numero de ECE por campana distritos productores REGIONES Helada Inundacion Granizo Lluvias Papa 72 Chala 0 4 0 5 220 Yunga 10 11 5 42 720 Quechua 108 33 48 170 256 Suni 58 24 34 43 28 Puna 7 2 0 0 12 Selva alta 0 0 0 3 0 Selva baja 0 0 0 0 Numero de Numero de ECE distritos por campana productores Vendavales 72 0 220 20 720 97 256 34 28 3 12 3 0 0 Fuente: Indeci, Minag.
M2 PHARMA-February 16, 2012-Quality Systems Inc and Suni Medical Imaging Inc enter into national reseller agreement(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Irak esta sumido en una crisis desencadenada el pasado 19 de diciembre por la emision de una orden de arresto contra el vicepresidente suni, Tareq al Hashemi, por supuestos delitos de terrorismo, lo que origino el boicot de Al Iraqiya a las reuniones del Gobierno de unidad nacional, donde tiene ocho ministros.
Su unico medio de propagacion natural es por semilla, produciendo hasta 13 semillas por flor y 7 flores por planta (dependiendo del tamano del bulbo) (Aguero & Suni 1999).
Suni Allen, 25, of Shinwell Crescent, South Bank, banned from driving for 42 months and fined pounds 1,460 with pounds 100 costs for drink driving, using a vehicle without insurance and driving without an appropriate licence.
Suni Olsen and Arnbiorn Hansen were the heroes for Faroes, and while Tomas Danilevicius had equalised Olsen's opener from the penalty spot, the hosts claimed a famous victory.
Suni has taken a leading role in the digital dentistry revolution.
Caption: WHOI biologist Tim Shank was two miles under the sea in the submersible Alvin when he first spoke via satellite to astronaut Suni Williams, who was floating 200 miles up in the atmosphere at the International Space Station.
But Bruce was no city boy, and it wasn't long before he and Suni began looking for the right place to put the rest of their lives.