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They translated the Hindu term sunya into the Arabic sifr, which also means "empty space."
Contents: not further identified, mentions jati niskala, state of sunya (emptiness) dan acintya (inconceivableness of god).
In the remaining five forests; Kiwele (CBFM), Mfyome (CBFM), Sunya (CBFM), Itagutwa (JFM) and Ikuvilo (non PFM) stump as well as household survey data including their 95% confidence intervals suggest these are harvested well below their regenerative capacity (Fig.
The bright spot in his dismal new school experience is Sunya. She is strong, spirited and witty.
McCarthy to the School of Library and Information Science, SUNYA. Ursula Poland, director of the Schaffer Library of the Health Sciences, Albany Medical College, gave generously of her time for consultation, and she and her staff provided material assistance in reproducing the questionnaire and arranging the mailings.
371, 373-78 (2003); Sunya Kashan, The USA Patriot Act: Impact on Freedoms and Civil Liberties, 7 ESSAI 87, 88 (2010).
Initially, the place value system used nine numerals and a blank space called sunya in India and sifr in the Arab world, both words meaning empty (Cajori, 1974).
(31.) It's absolutely astonishing that the ancient Sanskrit texts describe quantum vacuum and zero-point of the quantum field--by term sunya. This word should be interpreted as describing a cosmic seed of nothingness which (hanging in a limbo of non-experience) is swollen by potentiality--an egg of infinite potentiality or shunyata on a brink to burst into a deep infinite-dimensional sea of manifestation/s.
Derived from the Sanskrit sunya (meaning 'empty'), ciphers are (empty) placeholders for 'nothing' and then, eventually, secret codes for what must not be spoken directly.
Jamie, who hardly remembers his sister, is far more interested in his cat, Roger, his birthday Spiderman T-shirt, and in keeping his new friend Sunya a secret from his dad.
However, it is in the author's depiction of a family thrown into a vortex of confusion and pain by an act of terrorism and the redeeming power of friendship shown in the very close relationship between Jamie and his sister and his powerful link to his school friend, Sunya, that Pitcher is at her most effective.