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SUPCOMSupport Command
SUPCOMSupreme Commander (game)
SUPCOMEcole Supérieure des Communications de Tunis
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The motto of 22nd SupCom was "Good logistics is combat power"; Schwarzkopf clearly believed it, too.
This "tweaking" made Pagonis responsible for overall logistics master planning and high-level budgeting for 22nd SupCom and for the corps/division logistics units as well.
Second, after a somewhat chaotic initial period, during which operational units handled their own local purchasing of goods and subcontracting for services, responsibilities for these activities were concentrated in a dedicated unit within 22nd SupCom. Third, as a logical extension, 22nd SupCom also took over single-point responsibility for liaison with host nation officials.
Despite these extensions of 22nd SupCom's responsibilities, responsibility for implementation planning and execution of logistics for the two Army Corps and the Marine Corps remained within these "businesses" of the combined force.
General Pagonis's initial master plan for Desert Shield was a starting point for more detailed logistics planning, within both 22nd SupCom and the operational units, in areas such as materials supply, transport, readiness/maintenance, port and log base operations, and so on.
Many of these sessions were held in a genuine Bedouin tent, erected to extend 22nd SupCom's office capacity, and festooned with hand-drawn maps and planning charts.
Another mechanism to grease communications was the daily 60-minute gathering of Pagonis and his team, the 22nd SupCom staff, and liaison officers from all the services and allied commands, to review outstanding supply issues and progress against planned actions.
For example, in their daily progress review meetings, officers of the 22nd SupCom were required to present "three ups and three downs.' They had to report not only positive decisions and actions taken, but also emerging and future challenges or problems.
"We achieved in two months what has taken us 40 years to create in Europe, only because we innovated and delegated,' said Colonel Geyer, the director of planning for 22nd SupCom.
Wendel (Commander, 20th SUPCOM) visited Korea in June and facilitated a week-long workshop with the CFC staff, U.S.
In August 2007, more than 130 personnel from the 20th SUPCOM and JECE deployed to the ROK and established a JTF-E under the operational control of CFC for exercise UFL 2007.
Finally, from the JTF-E perspective, UFL 2007 provided the 20th SUPCOM with the opportunity to complete initial operational capability validation by September 2007 as directed by the QDR.