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Although a mix of crystalline and amorphous plastics, these Supec
The first two grades are Supec SD003 and SD005 with 30% and 40% filler.
* GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass., has expanded its Supec PPS line with the introduction of high-ductility and low-flash grades for surface-mount technology (SMT) and high-performance connectors.
The two low-flash grades, Supec 301M and 401M (also 30% and 40% glass), are said to reduce costly deflashing operations and offer enhanced physical properties and greater leg-tab design flexibility for printed circuit-board mounting.
New Supec PPS grades greater flash control and enhanced ductility are among a dozen new grades to be released this year by GE Plastics.
The system recently was expanded to include troubleshooting guides for Cycolac ABS and Cycoloy ABS/PC, in addition to all other GE resin families except Supec PPS.