SUPISuperintendent's Urban Principal Initiative (student professional development program; Florida)
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New Delhi [India], Mar 13 ( ANI ): Approximately 55,000 loans have been provided by the government under the Stand-Up India Scheme (SUPI), Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday.
3.2.4a supi (Table 2, step 12) is that the rule specifically refers to a speech form ending in a nominal termination sup.
Personally, while ready to sympathising with the nonconformist, I find difficulties in putting much weight on Yamaguchi's argument, as his paper is full of minor and major mistakes and contradictions: his further discussion reveals that many, if not most of the place names associated with the Sumru should actually lie far in the east, in the Khams region, while the Sumpa or rather Supi tribes would have dwelled in the west (p.
Zone principals also benefited from broader efforts in Miami-Dade to build leadership skills during Crew's tenure through three significant leadership preparation programs--Assistant Principal Preparation Program, Principal Preparation Program, and Superintendent's Urban Principals Initiative (SUPI).
Ta soi supi ara 'He/she ate up the soup' (for a detailed discussion see Metslang 2001).
He published his first collection of short stories Porodicno vreme (Family Time) in 1973, and more collections have followed in regular intervals since then: Obicne price (Ordinary Stories, 1978), Opis smrti (Description of Death, 1982), Fras u supi (Shock in Shed, 1984), Jednostavnost (Simplicity, 1988), Pelerina (Cape, 1993), Neobicne price (Unusual Stories, 1999), and Drugi jezik (Another Language, 2003).
Supplier involvement (SUPI) can lead to better supplier performance, improved manufacturing, and product and process advancements that in turn enhance customer satisfaction and firm performance (Narasimhan and Jayaram 1998; Vonderembse and Tracey 1999; Shin, Collier and Wilson 2000; Kannan and Tan 2002).
The existing interchange will be replaced with a new single point urban interchange (SUPI).
In 1996 a group of maechis (white robe nuns) led by Maechi Supi Subharatna started fund raising and built an all-purpose building equipped with residential kutis, row of toilets and bath and also renovated the ancient stupa.
(3) I would like to thank professor Carl Alzen, in the Department of World Religions at Central Arizona College, and Desiree Custodio of Supi Middle School, my preservice teacher.