SUPLSecure User Plane Location (wireless standard)
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SUPLSherwood Utilities Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
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According to the company, Spirent's 8100 Location Technology Solution is the only solution to have validated SUPL 2.
in Japan is the first user of NEC's premium A-GPS solution, which complies with an early version of SUPL, and employs it as the core system of their newly launched GPS navigation service, "Vodafone live
As a leading provider of testing services for location technology in mobile devices, the ability to test SUPL 2.
Spirent has already implemented more than 75 percent of the OMA's conformance test cases, enabling the industry to start validating SUPL 2.
A centralized SUPL Location Platform (SLP) connects to the system, enabling cellular networks and mobile devices to offer an Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) capability.
Andrew's new GeoLENs[R] SUPL Platform is based on a standalone server compliant to the Open Mobile Alliance's SUPL 1.
Enhanced diagnostic data for improved SUPL transaction analysis
The OMA SUPL A-GPS standard has enabled lower cost deployment of A-GPS services that ensure a better and more consistent user experience necessary for the consumer market.
Combined with Polaris Wireless's patented WLS location technology and other technologies, the Hybrid solution integrates Wi-Fi capabilities available on SUPL V2.
Optional: A-GPS network assistance as specified in SUPL 1.
Economy Minister Simon Hamilton said: This project has been developed as a result of support under the SUPL SBRI Project and the SUPL Loan Scheme.
Although GPS in general and the user plane SUPL A-GPS standard in particular receive much of the attention along with the growing number of A-GPS handsets being introduced, network-based location methods are also experiencing an upswing.