SUPPOSupply Officer
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Each SUPPO is often represented by a supporting cast of chiefs, junior officers, enlisted, and civilians.
I spent time working on qualifications and focused on helping their SUPPO solve any issues that came up in supply.
That being noted, the responsibilities that we hold as SUPPOS are not without repetition as weekly food service spot checks come to mind.
Every Basic Qualification Course (BQC) student has an opportunity to "Meet the Chief," which is a forum where newly-commissioned SUPPOs discuss expectations of the Chief's Mess and Wardroom with senior enlisted from all ratings.
Many former BQC students come back to NSCS to take the SODHC, which is a four-week class that prepares junior officers to assume the duties of a SUPPO on a ship or submarine.
My favorite tour was as SUPPO on board USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7).
However, the SUPPO that I had on my very first ship, Capt.
While SUPPO life is demanding, 1 take great pride in sharing my Sailors' spirit, exceptional achievements, and ability to tackle any challenge together.
If I could make a SUPPO from scratch I think the three main ingredients would be integrity, selflessness and flexibility.
My favorite tour was as the SUPPO for the USS George Washington.
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Working as a team with their skilled and experienced enlisted members, our SUPPOs are experts in our field who know inventory and financial management, food, retail, postal operations, and disbursing management.