SUPSHIPSupervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion & Repair
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The SUPSHIP Gulf Coast team also has cognizance for outfitting the Littoral Combat Ships USS Coronado (LCS 4) and USS Jackson (LCS 6), and Joint High Speed Vessels JHSV 1-3.
Hilarides acknowledged the efforts on behalf of the entire SUPSHIP Gulf Coast team for "pushing contract and technical decisions to the lowest prudent level," while Secretary Stackley thanked the team for working "tirelessly to overcome unique challenges.
Working closely with the four SUPSHIP sites, SEA 022's construction contracts enable the related combat systems programs and other ancillary systems contracts.
Brett Sturken and working with Commander Fleet Forces Command (CFFC), SEA 024 in conjunction with the Regional Maintenance Centers and SUPSHIP Groton award and administer ship/submarine repair and overhaul contracts supporting the CNO's Fleet Response Plan (FRP).
The largest SUPSHIP is located in Newport News, Va.
Following a lean review of the onload process, SUPSHIP and Stockdale's Supply Officer developed a load out plan that resulted in a higher delivery rate in less time.
Pictured, from left, are ENS Ryan Mulligan, Disbursing Officer, PCU Halsey (DDG 97); LT Fernando Lorente, Supply Officer, PCU Forrest Sherman (DDG 98); LT Eddie Lee, Supply Officer, PCU Halsey (DDG 97); CDR Rod Duggins, Material Officer, SUPSHIP Gulf Coast; LT Jason Warner, Supply Officer, PCU Mesa Verde (LPD 19); and CDR Joe Russell, Contracts Officer, SUPSHIP Gulf Coast.