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SURDSStudent Unit Record Data System for California (book)
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It is an early account of what in the 1950s he would term "the sociohistorical surd" (72) and "the objectification of sin in social process." (73) In fact, it is possible to discern in these manuscripts something like an incipient category of sinful historical structures.
Every community's history is shaped as much by failed choices and bad deeds as by the realization of good; every society is structured in some measure by incomprehensible social surds which, for all of their absurdity, nonetheless hold sway over common sense and common practice (Lonergan, 1992, pp.
A particular class of irrational numbers is comprised of the quadratic surds, that is, all irrational numbers x which satisfy equations a[x.sup.2] + bx + c = 0, where coefficients a, b, and c are integers, and a is positive.
Ellis's "'Matrix of Surds': Heisenberg's Algebra in Beckett's Murphy," Papers on Language and Literature 25 (1989): 120-23; John J.
Finding possible practical relevance of mathematics only goes a little way to justifying what we teach in school mathematics, especially Secondary mathematics (where relatively few people use things like algebra, trigonometry, or surds and primes, to make a genuine adult living).
This method was repeated in order to find rational sequences which converge to each of the surds involving prime numbers less than twenty.
Data for the report was collected via the Student Unit Record Data System (SURDS) from those public and private institutions authorized to offer teacher education preparation programs in the state (a complete list of authorized institutions is found in Section IV of this report).
But people looking for easy tasks had best renounce any ambition to be scientists; and if mathematicians and physicists can surmount their surds, the human scientist can learn to master his" (Insight 261).