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SURESummer Undergraduate Research Experience
SURESuperscalar and Reconfigurable
SUREService User Research Enterprise (mental health; UK)
SURESulfate Regional Experiment Program
SURESupply Usage Requirements Estimator
SURESpeak Up for Rural Electrification (political action committee)
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"Each of their arms is a wooden club," answered the little man, "and I'm sure the creatures mean mischief, by the looks of their eyes.
That cannot make them look any uglier, I'm sure, and it is my opinion they will soon renew the attack."
Gol dast it, you-all can sure deal 'em 'round when you get a chance.
Them's my four aces, and they sure copper your bets.
"You sure are a surprise package of all right," he declared, for the first time lowering the weapon and letting it hang at his side.
But there is times when a good stiff jolt lands on the right spot kerchunk, and this is sure one of them.
He don't think it will be transportation for life, because there's time to prove the good character yet, and that is sure to serve him.
'Some friend will rise up for us, mother,' cried Kit, 'I am sure. If not now, before long.
But I am sure she cannot mean to torment, for she is very much attached to my brother.
"Well," said Catherine, after some moments' consideration, "you may be able to guess at your brother's intentions from all this; but I am sure I cannot.
"To be sure," said she, "it is better than parting with fifteen hundred pounds at once.
"You see he was quite willing when you gave him the chance; I am sure he is a fine-tempered creature, and I dare say has known better days.