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SURFSpeeded Up Robust Features (computing)
SURFSurf Forecasting
SURFSummer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
SURFSubsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (offshore project piping)
SURFSanford Underground Research Facility (Homestake Mine, SD; US Department of Energy)
SURFSynchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
SURFSurface Rapid Fusing
SURFSustainable Remediation Forum (est. 2006)
SURFSingle Unit Retrieval Format (US Air Force)
SURFSubscriber Unit Reference (Qualcomm)
SURFSystem Utilization Reporting Facility
SURFSingle Uniform Request Format (US Air Force)
SURFSilent Uninterrupted Reading for Fun
SURFSoccer United Relief Fund
SURFSpent Unreprocessed Fuel
SURFSpace Ultra Vacuum Research Facility
SURFStandard UNREP Receiving Fixture
SURFStandard Underway Replenishing Fixture
SURFSuperconducting Filters for Ultra-Sensitive Radio Frequency Receivers (Air Force)
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It's me," said Kotick, bobbing in the surf and looking like a little white slug.
com is a locally based company that specialises in surf trips that are guided by experienced South African locals.
Surf Snowdonia, which opened last year, was used by the head of the International Surfing Assosication (ISA) as a starting point in a revolution in the sport which will make it accessible to more people.
Chapter 2, " 'Surf Music' and the California Surfing Boom: New Surfing Gets a New Sound," focuses on the genre of surf music and its emergence during the 1960s.
World Surfing Reserves works to designate and protect the most important and cherished surf areas around the world, in partnership with local surf communities.
Of the more than 1,500 surfers registered with Surf Dubai, there are over 200 Emiratis who have taken to the sport.
In 2003, the ASP began using high-tech tools to forecast when and where the best surf would occur.
From a purely cinematic perspective, some of the finest surf films are the relatively rare popularizing ones: The Endless Summer (1966), Five Summer Stories (1972), The Endless Summer II (1994) (a title whose laughable paradox speaks volumes about surfers' relation to language and utopia), and, most recently, Riding Giants, which premiered at Sundance in January and will arrive in theaters this July.
First place in the girls/women's division (which was open to all ages) of the Local Motion-Ezekiel Surf Into Summer contest at Ala Moana on Oahu, one of the state's largest and most prestigious competitions.
I competed a lot when I was younger, winning a few awards, and then became what we call a soul surfer--guys who surf just for the love of the sport.
This upgrade has also led to an increase in SURF's operating energy, so that it is now possible to maintain consistent operation at an electron beam energy of 380 MeV (as compared to the 284 MeV energy characteristic of the previous configuration, SURF II).