SURF1Sea Urchin Retroposon Family 1 (gene sequence)
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Heterogeneity of magnetic resonance imaging in Leigh syndrome with SURF1 gene 604G-- greater than C mutation.
Patient 16, with a complex IV deficiency attributable to a SURF1 mutation, displayed a relatively mild biochemical phenotype with oxidation rates and ATP production around 60% of the mean control values and normal incubation 2/incubation 1, incubation 7/incubation 6, and incubation 7/incubation 8 ratios.
4] Human genes: MT-ND4L, mitochondrially encoded NADH dehydrogenase 4L; MT-CYB, mitochondrially encoded cytochrome b; SURF1, surfeit 1; PDHA1, pyruvate dehydrogenase (lipoamide) alpha 1; MT-ATP6, mitochondrially encoded ATP synthase 6.