SURFORSurface Forces (US Navy)
SURFORSurface Orientation (US Navy)
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The SWE prompted SURFOR headquarters to reorganize along the lines of a matrix organization with functional and product line managers.
SURFOR must prepare individual ships according to the ship's technology and expected mission requirements.
Replacing the "metric mania" (where the sheer number and disorganization of metrics makes evaluating, comprehension and accountability problematic (Casey, Peck, Webb, and Quast, 2008), at the SURFOR leadership level, PESTO attempts to simplify performance measurement.
Third, two significant factors affecting readiness, the salaries of the sailors on the ships and the original construction and capital improvements to ships, are not included in the SWE's cost assignments because SURFOR does not control those funding lines.
The performance management system operates within the CLASSRONs and SURFOR at locations geographically and organizationally removed from the headquarters where budget allocation decisions are made.
We also observe a performance management system designed around the factors the SURFOR can control more than one designed to capture the full set of variables affecting fleet readiness.
Their corresponding financial measures are more ambiguous and less direct and should better correlate with the types of management decisions the SURFOR confronts.
CS3(SW) Magdalena Castenada Galley Watch Captain USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41) 2008 SURFOR Petty Officer Of The Year
2008 SURFOR Blue Jacket of the Year CS3 Meloiza Worsley Records Keeper/Training Petty Officer Assault Craft Unit TWO
We needed to establish, just like we did for AIRFOR, SURFOR and SUBFOR, a command that brings this all together, that better organizes them, capitalizes on the synergy in training and equipment, gives them visibility in the budget and can better package them in their mission for the naval component commanders--and provides a better command and control structure for them.
Bullard: In five years we want to see it as a mature TYCOM, such as AIRFOR and SURFOR. We want to have a mature structure that provides the best warfighter effectiveness of these forces and the best effectiveness and efficiency in responding to the mission requirements from the naval component commanders.