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there are some studies that looked into related areas such as argumentation in the education setting (Chan & Daniel, 2012; Heng, Surif, and Seng, 2014) and Malaysian cultural issues, (e.g., Abu Bakar, Walters, & Halim, 2014; Chuah, Shukri, & Yeoh, 2011; Zawawi, 2008) but not on interpersonal argumentation per se.
Another was detained after being stopped at al-Jab'aa checkpoint, north of Surif.
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Four other members of the so-called Surif gang are awaiting sentencing.
One such species is the well-studied Ascophyllum nodosum, which has been reported to accumulate 10-20 mmol [H.sup.+] kg FM (Surif & Raven, 1983; Johnston & Raven, 1986).
Eyewitnesses said a settler ran over Jana Abu Loha, 6, as she was passing near the entrance connecting between the villages of Jabaa and Surif, which necessitated her transfer to a hospital for medical treatment.
In Hebron, Fadi Ibrahim Agnimat, 38, from Surif, northwest of Hebron, and Shehada Mohammed Daajneh, 50, from Yatta village, south of Hebron, were arrested after searching their homes and tampering with the contents.
Israeli forces conducted predawn raids into the Hebron district towns of Dura, Idna and Surif, detaining five Palestinians and seizing a Palestinian-registered vehicle and the sum of 7,000 Israeli shekels (approximately $2,000), WAFA reported.
Ramallah, July 27 (Petra) -- Israeli occupation soldiers Wednesday dawn killed a Palestinian in Surif village north of the West Bank city of Hebron, after they bombarded the house he was in.
Forces also summoned Samih Abu Fara from Surif, a town to the northwest of the city to appear before Israeli intelligence.
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