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Councillors also said Surl broke the law by posing for a photo with Knowles in the court's grounds.
La Societe CVMR Energy Metals Burundi SURL (CVMR[R]) is a subsidiary of CVMR Energy Metals Inc., of Canada.
Many have come to me with their concerns about speeding and other safety issues along this road," said Surl.
Hence [[summation].sup.-1.sub.x] = [[OMEGA].sub.X] - [[OMEGA].sub.XZ] [[OMEGA].sup.-1.sub.Z][[OMEGA].sub.ZX] is called the Surl component of [[OMEGA].sub.X], where [[OMEGA].sub.X] is a sparse matrix and [[OMEGA].sub.XZ] [[OMEGA].sup.-1.sub.Z] [[OMEGA].sub.ZX] is denoted as L, being a low-rank matrix due to r [much less than] p.
Rob Surl. Head of Transport at Shropshire County Council, said: "We don't see ourselves as being in competition with anyone.
He started to hit what one observer called "the six-inning wall." The peaceable, laid-back Witt earned the nickname the Earl of Surl for being touchy with the press.
Le legs fondamental de cette periode, toujours a l'oeuvre, selon Warner, dans l'action de nombreux groupements et individus, est celui d'une prise de conscience axee surl' affirmation positive de soi (ou la fierte), la visibilite sociale et la defense des libertes sexuelles.
La premiere partie de cet article off re un apercu des circonstances historiques et politiques qui ont contribue al elaboration des questions portant surl' <<origine ethnique>> et les <<minorities visibles>> dans le recensement du Canada.
"Surl,episode des reptiles dans la Pharsale de Lucain (9.587-937)." BAGB 27: 103-19.
("La surl shons ker voo zavay detrur admee a loonyversitay say donzun po der consairv.")
Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl said: "People have had concerns about this road."
* Martin Surl, Police and Crime Commissioner, Office of Police and Crime Commissioner Gloucestershire