SURRSchools under Registration Review (New York)
SURRStage Unique Requirements Report
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ratification of the CRC, especially Gwen Coe, Carol Darcy, Lita Haddal, Blythe Hinitz, Karen Liu, Kate Kolchin, Edna Ranck, Dorothy Sailor, John Surr, Jonathan Todres, and Diane Whitehead.
Master's teachers, though, are more likely to be in SURR schools.
In the consent order that enforced the commissioner's order that every classroom in every SURR school have a certified teacher, the following clause appeared:
The object's severe angles are totally incongruous with the surr oundings, composing a form that apparently slices through space or, more accurately, blots it out like ink on paper.
Sub officer John Surr, of Handsworth Fire Station, said: 'He did well to get himself out of the vat considering the temperature of the acid was 70C.
Yet these motivations pale into the background when one considers what emerges from Molloy's letters to James Mangles--an efflorescence-a burgeoning love for her surr oundings and a joy in describing them.
Struck by the inverse relation between Tennyson's personal life and his representations of marriage, Shaw suggests that surr ounding discourses on marriage have more to do with the poems than Tennyson's personal history.
Paul Barolsky looks at the fifteenth-century sculptors down to Michelangelo through Vasari's eyes, William Wallace chronicles a week of that great sculptor's activity in the year 1525, and James Saslow examines the sexual issues surr ounding Michelangelo's personal and artistic life.
This lead to further rapid development: consciousness-raising "smaller groups" surr ounded the "Women's Group", which had been joined by about 50 women.
The student's mundane question led to a long class discussion about how Coca-Cola is recognized globally and is associated with American culture; the product, as well as the image that surr ounds it, have shaped beverage consumption everywhere.
New York City's Harlem Public School 7, a new Basic School, got itself removed from the state's SURR listing (School Under Registration Review) after only one and a half years, a fraction of the time most schools need.