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Medical company SurModics (Nasdaq:SRDX) said on Wednesday that the first patient has been enrolled under its proprietary SurVeil drug-coated balloon (DCB) study.
If enacted, the portion of Bill C-51 comprising the Security of Canada Information Sharing Act (SCISA) would significantly expand the power of the state to surveil and profile ordinary, lawabiding Canadians.
Advertising: Dow AgroSciences and Bader Rutter for their Surveil Campaign
Virtual private networks also offer little protection: documents show the NSA planning the capacity to surveil 20,000 VPN connections per hour.
The executive order did not grant authority to surveil Americans without warrant, but NSA documents reveal that this is how intelligence officials have "interpreted" it.
Police seem to have got the message that journalists are now fair game and you can surveil and watch them,'' he said.
New devices range from photonics and smart pigs that navigate more obstacles and make inspections of the pipe interior more accurate than ever to aboveground drones and surveil lance, capable of collecting and transmitting vast amounts of data.
Since the First World War, the institutions that were created to at once serve and surveil "Muslim" migrants in the metropole conceived their faith in material terms--as matters of architectural and aesthetic detail, bodily conditions, and embodied "traditions.
Though it is not possible to monitor all the posts and content, we are planning to at least surveil the official accounts of student leaders and parties.
FINRA found that from November 2008 through August 2011, Goldman Sachs failed to establish, maintain, and enforce written policies and procedures that were reasonably designed to prevent trade-throughs of protected quotations in NMS stocks; and failed to regularly surveil to ascertain the effectiveness of its policies and procedures designed to prevent trade-throughs of protected quotations in NMS stocks.
Everyone can surveil everyone else, most especially including the activities of government functionaries.
One way is to cast a wide net by institutionalising policies that profile and surveil the multitudes.