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He referred to a list of entities and said most of them required one-time authentication and hence there was no question that State will surveil the people 24x7.
They continue to surveil for opportunities to capitalize on the growth of mobile transactions with 2017 seeing the evolution of mobile bots and mobile remote access attacks.
However, earlier in a tweet, Trump had criticised the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) programme, saying that it was used to gather information about him and surveil his campaign.
Other countries, Breland says, "want to surveil their populations more efficiently and that also leads to its own type of technology," as is reportedly the case in the UAE.
Each event triggers an investigation by Lukic, which soon attracts the attention of the secret police who, under the guise of cooperation, doggedly track and surveil the inspector.
The company said the fiscal 2017 results included planned increased investments in research, development and other operating expenses to support its whole-product strategy, including the SurVeil DCB.
In this case, Korenix JetNet 5428G was placed in the central control center, connecting with the IP-NVR and monitors through LAN ports to surveil the port under real-time base, seamlessly.
Mark Casady, chairman and CEO of San Diego-based LPL Financial, said in late August that as part of the largest independent broker-dealer's "work on the DOL rule, we are planning to introduce the mutual fund-only brokerage account." LPL said that the new fiduciary standard creates a "heightened need to supervise and surveil all business done in connection with our broker-dealer."
M2 PHARMA-April 7, 2016-SurModics admits first PAD patient in IDE Study of SurVeil drug-coated balloon
But the worst aspects are those that enable the government to further censor and surveil its citizens.
"That part of Sinai is very hilly and a good 100 km from Israel, so if we have the means to surveil it from the border, it would be a feat that I would doff my hat to," said Rubin, a former consultant for Israel's Defence Ministry.
Although it was unconstitutional, the AK Party government used the book to surveil unsuspecting citizens based on their ideological and political beliefs, or their ethnic and religious affiliations.