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Resistance Line Type ([dagger]) Parental background Gunner spring Susc. Gunner AP601CL spring D Gunner AP602CL spring B Gunner AP603CL spring BD Gunner AP604CL spring BD Gunner Teal spring Susc.
susc. (H) (***) (***) D x H ns (**) CV (%) 63.2 44.3 Pods per Pods per Genetic lines peduncle plant DLS lines Heat-tolerant 2.1 23.1 Heat-susceptible 0.1 0.4 Mean 1.1 11.7 Non-DLS lines Heat-tolerant 2.4 34.4 Heat-susceptible 0.0 0.1 Mean 1.2 17.3 Heat-tolerant 2.3 28.8 Heat-susceptible 0.1 0.2 Significance DLS vs.
DESCRIPTION: April 7-9, Yoga Retreat; April 10-12, Solitude Retreat-Advanced Enneagram Workshop--Virginia Sampson, SUSC (Burlington); April 28, Desolation, Depression, The Dark Night of the Soul and Spiritual Direction--Maureen Conroy, RSM (Burlington); April 29, Reiki I Training--Maureen Conroy (Burlington); May 12-14, Directed Retreat; May 19-21, Centering Prayer Weekend; June 2-4, Facing Fear, Finding Love--Nan Merrill; June 9-11, Solitude Retreat; June 26-30, Women's Spirituality Retreat; July 2-8, Directed Retreat; July 22, The Challenges of An Authentic Spiritual Life --Richard Rohr (Burlington); July 25-27, Solitude Retreat; July 27-30, Tai Chi Retreat; July 31-Aug.
DESCRIPTION: June 27-July 4 "The Mysticism of Earth" Jim Profit, SJ, Elizabeth Oleksak, SP, Marion Honors, CSJ; July 23-29 "Growing Into God: Women Called To Personal and Global Transformation" Edwina Gateley; August 1-7 "An Enneagram Guided Retreat: A Path to Wholeness" Ann Horgan, SP, Virginia Sampson, SUSC; August 25-31 "Creative Sacred Art Experience" Elizabeth Rosson; September 15-18 "Mini Retreat: Praying Through Music & Art" Ann Horgan, SP; October 3-12 "Autumn Institute: Celebrating the Wisdom of the Creative Years" Open to Women over 60, Patricia Cocozza, Ann Horgan, SP, Ruth McGoldrick, SP, Elizabeth Oleksak, SP, Dolores Renkel, OP, Shaun Sevigny, RSM, Robert Waldron; October 13-16 Mini Retreat: "Lord You Know Me- Contemplating Psalm 139" Kathleen Smith, RSM.
1: "Dearest Freshness Deep Down Things: Integrating the Presence of God in Our Lives," Virginia Sampson, SUSC; "Directed Retreat," Thomas Hamel, SJ, Catherine Hannigan, PBVM, and Nancy Sheridan, SASV; July 2-7: "Do-It-Yourself Retreat / Vacation"; July 8-14: "Women of the Spirit Birthing Hope: Guided Retreat for Women Religious," Helen Marie Burns, RSM, and Barbara Farrell, SND; "Directed Retreat," Robert Doherty, SJ, and "Directed Focusing" or "Enneagram," Ann Horgan, SP.
Virginia Sampson, SUSC. Fully air-conditioned accommodations.
SUSC, Maura McCartan, RSM, Bill Mockus, Martha Starrett, OP, Michael Fonseca, Carol Marozzi, SSJ.