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To be authentic, King, Feltey, and Susel (1998) argue that, in relation to a specific situation or issue, there are three major components of public participation that need to be in alignment: 1) the administrative structures, systems, and processes in which participation takes place; 2) the administrators; and, 3) the citizens.
Felty, and Bridget O'Neill Susel. "The Question of Participation: Toward Authentic Public Participation in Public Administration." Public Administration Review, Vol.
The need continuously to foster democratic values of citizenship participation and involvement is a prominent issue in contemporary political science literature (e.g., Box 1998 and 1999; Frederickson 1982 and 1997; King, Feltey, and Susel 1998; King and Stivers 1998).
Topics such as citizenship, civic capacity, and community governance are frequently discussed against a backdrop of citizen distrust of government and public administration's unique role in repairing that relationship (Box 1998; Dennard 1996; Heying 1999; Kass 1999; King, Felty, and Susel 1998; King and Stivers 1998; Melkers and Thomas 1998; Morgan and Vizzini 1999; Simonsen and Robbins 2000; Stivers 1990; Stivers 1996; Wamsley and Wolf 1996).
Ingalls; music, Michael Roth; sound, Garth Hemphill; dramaturg, Paul Walsh; dialect consultant, Deborah Susel; stage manager, Kimberly Mark Webb.
Some large manufacturers were operating in full capacity, like PT Arjuna Utama Kimia, PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia, PT Intan Wijaya Chemical, PT Gelora Citra Kimia, PT Pamolite Adhesive Industry, PT Susel Prima Permai, PT Superin and PT Tecwin Jaya Development.
At Chugiak High School, acting principal Allison Susel said ceiling tiles came down, books and other items fell from shelves, and water line breaks caused damage.
King, Felty and Susel, 1998 and Kierkegaard, 1962) and the effect that authenticity has on democratic discourse.