SUSEPSuperintendencia de Seguros Privados
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It is important to highlight the regulatory and solvency frameworks of the studied market: risk-based capital requirement rules have been implemented since 1/1/2008, but a good part of risk capital has only been required since January of 2011, and international accounting standards were applied as of 1/1/2010 to consolidated balance sheets and as of 1/1/2008 for individual balance sheets, with a more intense adoption in 2009 (Susep Circular No.
A sua constituicao depende da autorizacao do Conselho Nacional de Seguros Privados (CNSP), sendo este subordinado a Superintendencia de Seguros Privados (SUSEP) ambos vinculados ao Ministerio da Fazenda (BELTRAO et al., 2004).
SUSEP, Brazil's regulator, currently restricts insurers from investing outside of Brazil.
In the last five years, the assets managed by Brazil's insurance regulator, Superintendencia de Seguros Privados (SUSEP), have more than doubled, according to the July 2012 IMF report "Detailed Assessment of Insurance Core Principles of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors." The market has also attracted interest from new insurers.
A Atividade Securitaria e sua Fronteira com os Interesses Transindividuais: Responsabilidade da Susep e Competencia da Justica Federal.
A regulamentacao era realizada pela Superintendencia de Seguros Privados (Susep), com diretrizes definidas pelo Conselho Nacional de Seguros Privados (CNSP).
In 2002, the Superintendent of Private Insurance (SUSEP), the governmental regulatory body of the Brazilian insurance, annuity and open complementary pensions industry, created a new provision for the balance sheets of regulated companies.
* Regulated organizations, including banks, insurance companies and investment funds, which must also follow the rules issued by the CVM, the Central Bank and SUSEP (Superintendencia de Seguros Privados, a division of the Ministry of Finance that regulates insurance).