SUSFSwiss University Sports Foundation (est. 1932)
SUSFScottish University Sports Federation
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Even after the SUSF representative came out and "retrained" her by putting a second shock collar around her groin to keep her in the yard, this previously aggression-free dog continued to run through the fence and attack dogs and humans passing by.
* A SUSF doesn't protect your dog from intruders (other dogs, humans) and hence puts her at risk from them (maybe an aggressive stray dog, a rabid fox who wanders into your yard, or a human with evil Intentions), and puts innocent intruders at risk (a child, perhaps) especially if your dog has become aggressive due to the shock association.
The secondary data sets compiled within the study were received from the SUSF and the FBA offices.
After receipt of the secondary quantitative data sets from the SUSF and the FBA, the information was analyzed with two types of analysis descriptive and inferential.