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SUSHIStandardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative
SUSHISnohomish Utility Salmon Habitat Improvements (US NOAA)
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I want to make Edomae style sushi. When you go to a Japanese sushi bar, it's sometimes uptight.
Speciality: Known to be more as a place for authentic Asian cuisine, Sakura Sushi, as the name suggests, has lots on offer when it comes to sushi and other Japanese delicacies.
Emad Marwan: This can easily be found in our slogan 'Mori Sushi - the art of fusion sushi'.
Tsunami co-owner Rita Ekmekjian says that a typical sushi restaurant employs around 10 chefs, so bringing them all from Japan, knowing that the average salary for a Japanese chef is $5,000, is simply not feasible.
While many cooks may never have the skills or gumption to attempt more than a simple plate of sashimi or sushi, readers will see more complicated presentations of such dazzlers as Crunchy Spicy Tuna or the Tuna and Egg Omelet Maki featured on the front cover with its exquisite mosaic design.
The creativity in the fare isn't exclusive to the sushi, either.
The space eyed for the sushi bar has been empty since Theo's Coffee House moved several years ago.
Sushi has more than 70 restaurants worldwide and it currently brings a slice of urban Tokyo to more than five million customers annually throughout the UK, Ireland, Middle East and Scandinavia.
And the most cutting-edge eateries are even connected to monitoring centres that can quickly tell whether the right balance of dishes is being produced -- a far cry from traditional-style places where the sushi chef and his knife still reign supreme.
Sessions usually cover sushi's history, basic rice preparation, and making maki (rolls) and nigiri (row fish over rice).