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SUSTSudan University of Science and Technology
SUSTSuperconductor Science and Technology (journal)
SUSTShahjalal University of Science and Technology (Bangladesh)
SUSTScandinavian Urban Studies Term
SUSTShandong University of Science and Technology (China)
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Talking to mediapersons, GB import export association's leaders Mohammad Ali Quaid, Zulfiqar Ali, Imtiaz Hussain and others said for shortage of Chinese containers, import goods purchased by Pakistani traders in China had stranded in Kashgar and other cities of Xinjiang province, while export goods, mostly dry fruits, worth billions of rupees, were stranded at Sust dry port.
The Director General of Dubai Chamber added that implementing and integrating CSR and sust
SBN developed a simple Get Sust Online tool to allow for easy introductory cross-business benchmarking--find out more by visiting our website.
400 frases) sust + adj|adj + sust 92301|59673 43,0508% | 27,8325% prep + nom + prep + nom 16491 7,6916% NOM + ADJ + ADJ 2031 0,9472% PREP + ART|DET + NOM + 26210 12,2248% PREP+NOM N parejas unicas sust + adj = adj + sust 3520 Tabla 3: Cuantificacion de estructuras utiles en reordenacion de complementos del verbo.
1934-1942) Kilos de Numero de Ano Comprador Domicilio tabaco bultos 1934 Fernandez y Sust Rosario 38.
No hay ni creo que haya (estoy dispuesto a jurarlo) una esencia o sust ancia a la que llamemos 'tecnica' o 'cultura', que de alguna manera se actualicen en el hombre y lo hagan ser precisamente un tal hombre.
The 10-year Brussels Programme of Action outlines measures to be taken by both i ndustrialized nations and the LDCs themselves to reduce poverty and achieve sust a inable development.
Despite opposing the Commerce Ministry and the FBR to allow transit of goods through Sust border now the Afghan transit trade would take place through Pak-China border.
The highway was already closed between Gilgit and the Sust Checkpost at the border with China for several months after a massive landslide dammed the flow of a local river and created a lake in the Hunza area.