SUSYQMSupersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
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In this article, we have used the results obtained by Mielnik in the concept of SUSYQM and related it to master function formalism for constructing two-dimensional integrable and superintegrable systems with higher order integrals of motion.
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In [21], the analytical results for the bound states of the Dirac equation with the generalized Hultheen potential as a tensor term have been studied within the concept of the SUSYQM. In the present work, we extend the search including the solutions of the Dirac equation having a pseudoscalar interaction term, as in [22-25], for the q-parameter Hultheen potential within the position-dependent mass (PDM) formalism.
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The concept of SUSYQM provides theoretical physicists with a powerful tool to deal with nonrelativistic Schrodinger equation.